ur-handscript (in PDF format)

The very first version, you could say, of A Course in Miracles was Helen’s shorthand notebooks. This was where she took down her inner dictation in the form of her own style of shorthand. Virtually everything Helen heard was taken down in these notebooks, though a few pieces of dictation (six by my count) she dictated directly to Bill without writing them down.

Helen would then dictate the notes to Bill Thetford, who would type them up. This is actually where the first editing took place, because Helen would not read to Bill everything she had taken down. She felt that some of the material was meant for her alone. According to Ken Wapnick, “When Helen dictated this to Bill, she basically dictated everything she had taken down with some very, very personal exceptions—material that was personal.”

September 23rd, 2007, marked the public domain release of the existing copies of the original handwritten record of the Course. This release into the public domain is endorsed by the worldly copyright claimant.

The handwritten record simply reflects the most original instance of Whole Mind Communicating this form of God’s Curriculum, the Course, to us, being the Sonship in its present manifestation as mankind, still temporarily in split-mind mode.

The overall incentive of this release, its accompanying technical aspects, and its download location, are explained in detail in the following document:

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