The Complete ACIM CD


The Complete ACIM CD (from Amminadab) contains the following:

The ACTUAL Urtext…. PDF file photocopies of the actual Urtext that Bill Thetford typed when Helen Schucman read her dictation. This has handwritten notes and corrections. Note: to view PDF files you must have Adobe® Reader® — free software that lets you view, print, search, and share Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files more securely using a variety of platforms and devices. Get your free copy here.

The ACTUAL HLC (Hugh Lynn Cayce) – JCIM…. PDF file photocopies of the actual Hugh Lynn Cayce edition from the A.R.E. Library.  The Urtext Book and the JCIM Book are in PDF file format.

Comparison.doc….This compares the HLC with the 2nd Edition, showing every change and addition and deletion. This is a fabulous document, one of many valuable resources on this disc.

ACIM of every version – ACIM, JCIM, HLC, Urtext; in every format – exe, text, html, Word, PDF….
Supplements include The Song of Prayer and the Psychotherapy pamphlets and Helen’s Poetry.

Interviews and depositions from all the major players producing the Course.  History of the Course with interesting articles, photographs and audios…. including MP3’s of early meetings by Judith Skutch-Whitson.

Search Tools and Viewer Programs – Photographs – RAJ video and audio clips. …and much, much more!

You may download any (or all) of these documents to your computer and burn them to a CD for convenient off-line use.

The Complete ACIM CD: The Complete is a compressed version of this entire CD. Downloadable file is 325,412 KB – 10 to 15 minutes with a High Speed internet connection. Unzip, burn to a CD, copy and share freely.

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