ACIM Audio Book

A Course In Miracles

An audio presentation read aloud by Stephen “notabody” Calder and recorded as MP3 files.

Course Audio Introduction

You can listen to A Course in Miracles being read by downloading these files. The recordings are of CD quality and some are quite large. The Course is being read from the Sparkly Book edition. More about the Sparkly book here: Thetford Foundation.

Follow Annie’s One Year Study Plan, which you can download in Word format here: ACIM One Year Study Brief.  Note that although a lesson is given every day, and the Course itself instructs that not more than one lesson per day should be attempted, there is no restriction on how much time you spend with each lesson. If you find that a day is not enough, it’s perfectly okay to spend more than a day on any lesson. Simply ignore the dates for the remaining lessons and do them in the order given.

Download free copy of A Course In Miracles book in PDF format

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