About the Course Audio MP3 Files

These files were recorded between 1 January 2005 and 25 September 2007. They are mp3 files, which means they must be played on a computer, or transferred to an mp3 player, for listening, or copied (burnt) onto CDs for playing in CD players.

The accompanying files reside in three folders, one for each of the Text, Workbook Lessons and Teachers’ Manual of the Australian edition of A Course in Miracles, published by the Thetford Foundation. Together these folders contain the full text of all three parts of the Course in audio form.

Numbering Convention

Text files are numbered by chapter and section. The Australian edition gives the Use of Terms first, ahead of the Text, and this order is followed here, breaking the Use of Terms up into numbered sections under the label Terms. The files are called Terms 1 to Terms 7.

The text itself starts with the file Text 01.0, which means Chapter 1, Introduction. Text 20.5 means Chapter 20, section 5. Sections are not numbered in the book but each section has a new major heading in bold type. The first major heading is numbered, for example, Text 18.1, or Chapter 18, section 1. The section beginning at the next major heading is Section 2, labelled Text 18.2. In one instance a missed section had to be inserted later and is given a following letter, so that Text 28.5a follows Text 28.5. Where there are more than 9 sections, 8.9, for example, is followed by 8.91.

Where there is a long introduction, it is labelled, for example, Text 20.0, denoting Chapter 20, Section 0 (that is, Intro). Otherwise the introduction is included with Section 1 and there is no Section 0.

Workbook files are numbered by the Lesson number, for example, Lesson 001, Lesson 023. Files other than lessons (introductions to parts 1 and 2 and extra reading given with some later lessons) are labelled, for example, Lesson 201 Review, or Lesson 235 Prelude, which means the workbook extra material given with those lessons. They are designed to be read or heard ahead of the accompanying lesson and appear in this order.

Teachers’ Manual files are numbered Manual 1, Manual 10, etc, corresponding to the divisions (questions) in the manual itself. The rather long fourth and fifth questions were divided up for this purpose and are labelled, for example, Manual 4.2, Manual 5.3.

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