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“Sparkly” Edition

Sparkly bookThe Thetford Foundation gives away the “sparkly” edition of A Course in Miracles. This edit of A Course in Miracles – a book in three parts – a Text, a Workbook and a Manual – is generally known as the “Hugh Lynn Cayce” version, or the “Thetford” redaction, but is commonly called the “sparkly” edition, referring to the cover of the book.

The Origin of the “Course”

In 1965, two people had apparently reached an impasse, both in their professional and personal relationships. The two people were Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman, professors of medical psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians. When Bill unexpectedly declared: “There must be a better way!” Helen immediately agreed to join him in finding a better way.

Approximately four months later an “inner Voice” heard only by Helen began dictation of the Course by saying “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” Helen cooperated with the “Voice” assisted by Bill, her friend and associate. During dictation the “Voice” identified itself as one who had incarnated on earth as the historical Jesus. Helen’s original notes were typed up each day by Bill as transcription continued. These typed notes are known as the Urtext or original typescript.

Bill’s further task (as directed by “Helen’s inner Voice”) was to edit the Urtext into chapters and generally make it presentable for printing in book form. Apart from deleting personal references to the two scribes, and re-organizing some of the material, a comparison with the Urtext material (now readily available on the internet) suggests every attempt was made to reproduce the message in its originally dictated form.

A copy of Bill’s edit came to light in the Edgar Cayce Library where it was apparently deposited after having been entrusted to Edgar’s son Hugh Lynn Cayce. Thus by popular usage it has come to be referred to as the “Hugh Lynn Cayce” version or the “Thetford” redaction.

The “sparkly” book (Bill’s edit) was first published in book form in September 2002 in Australia.

Only a Preface has been added. Entitled “The Use of Terms,” it was reportedly scribed by Helen in 1975.

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